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The Britishers did not build railways in India out of generosity !

Everything the Britishers did in India had a military objective. Take the case of railways.Broad gauge lines connected the cantonments for large scale military movements. The princely states of India could have only narrow gauge lines to prevent them from large scale movements. Thus we have a narrow gauge line in Mayurbhanj. The mutiny centres were connected too.Sambalpur was not a cantonment town, but it was a centre of mutiny.Hence merited a branch line from the Calcutta-Bombay trunk route. When a broad gauge line had to pass through a native state, a British and later an Anglo Indian station master was appointed.


Sardar Patel & the commander-in-chief

Was going through SK Kripalanl ICS ‘ book. Those were the days of partition. Some muslims had set up a machine gun nest atop a printing press.

‘The Sardar then ruled that military force must be used. He ordered me to fetch the c-in-c….I advised the General to come immediately”.The Sardar wanted the Faiz Bazar nuisance abated at once. The general whimpered about availability of troops for the job.But the Sardar, always a man of few words,said, that he expected  his instructions to be carried out. They were. The machine gun was wiped out

Triple Talaq saved the day for Jawaharlal/Motilal Nehru

Maj.Gen AA Rudra passed out from the Indore cadet college along with Cariappa (later Field Marshal) & others. He was amongst the senior most King’s commissioned officer of the Indian Army. His father Sushil Rudra was Principal,St.Stephen’s College,Delhi. Maj.Gen D.K.Palit Vr.C has written the biography of Gen.Rudra.Facts gleaned from that.

Motilal Nehru used to run ‘The Leader’.It used to promote Hindu-Muslim unity. He had picked up Syed Hussain, a handsome Ahmedabadi  from Oxford.He used to write articles on Hindu-Muslim unity in that paper and was staying with the Nehrus. Syed & Vijaylakshmi fell madly in love and decided to marry..Motilal Nehru was dead against their marriage.

Vijaylakshmi eloped with Syed and married as per muslim rites.They stayed in his home in Ahmedabad. Motilal Nehru roped in Gandhi. He brought Vijaylakshmi to Delhi. She stayed with the Rudras. After some time Syed followed her to Delhi, but was not allowed to meet  her. Using carrot & stick, Syed was arm twisted to pronounce triple talaqs. Jawaharlal came to Delhi & stayed with her. She was convinced by her brother to return to Allahabad. After a descent interval, marriage with a Pandit boy from Bombay was arranged.


A permanent platform ready to strike after each provocation needed

Amid the self-congratulatory noises emanating from the BJP government and the satisfied snorting of the media commentators in the aftermath of the “surgical strikes” on jihadi targets 2-3 kms across the Line of Control (LoC), several contentious issues have come to the fore. In the context of a ramped-up Hammurabi Code voiced by the BJP […]

via Surgical strikes: A face-saving move or planned retaliation? — Security Wise

Islam made caste problem acute !

Just imagine the scene. The king has been defeated and killed by the Islamic invaders.There is rape,murder,loot all around and there is no one to save or impose social order. People flee to save their life ,property & honour to remote corners.Where ever such people settle, per force have to be self sufficient. Now suppose there is only one potter .No one else knows the trade.After the potter’s death , the community will naturally force the son/sons to be potter.Thus castes became rigid.

There is a section in India that feels to strengthen the democratic forces in Pakistan.We fail to realise that Pakistanis would rather have an Islamic govt. than a democratic one. When we do so, we alienate the people there.

Change in Hindu military thought ?

The Modi – Doval duo have brought some fundamental shift in Hindu military thought. All the pre-British invaders entered India at Khyber but the major battles to save the land were only fought at Panipat, after allowing the enemy to penetrate several hundred miles. This is changing.India is now looking at the Pacific ocean & Middle-east.

Pension for MPs

Article 106 of the constitution allows for the salaries & other allowances of MPs, but silent on pension.Where as Article 125 and Article 148 speak about both salaries & pension to Judges of the Supreme Court and the CAG repectively.It shows that framers of the constitution had not envisioned pension for the MPs but for other high constitutional posts,where they have felt the necessity.Pension has been burdened on the tax payer by the MPs themselves.

Ajit Doval makes immense sense

‘Conversion of intentions in to realities is a technology by itself,which needs leadership,commitment and courage, qualities that do not come easily to those who owe their power to patronage alone.’

‘…obsession with speed is alien to Hindu civilisation, which underwrites the Indian nation state’.Thus wrote Giri Lal Jain in ‘The Hindu Phenomenon’. This dictum really explains and helps us to understand the working of India

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