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(3) Facebook

(3) Facebook.


Fortune favours the brave and well sometimes,alcoholic fools.During theĀ siegeĀ of Lucknow,a building near the residency had to be abandoned and destroyed.Roll call was made.One was missing.He was drunk and hiding some where in the building.Every one left.The fort was destroyed by a massive explosion of 240 barrels of gunpowder and 6 million ball ammunition.Nothing happened to the drunk.He got up yawned,found everything destroyed.He just walked to the rsidency & reported for duty.


Sam Manekshaw as COAS visited a unit of Garhwal Rifles.A jawan had contacted veneral desease. Sam asked the commanding officer about the action to be taken against the jawan.The CO said that his head would be shaved off.Sam flared – damn it.He did not do this with his head ! Have a nice day friends.

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When an object …

When an object is presented to the mind and perceived,the mind assumes the shape of the object.By allowing the Devata to occupy the mind for long,it becomes as pure as Devata.This is the fundamental principle of tantric sadhana.CHHANDGYA uPANISHAD also says – as one thinks,so he becomes.

Marshal Panda

Marshal Panda.

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