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Mana,hridaya,atma,chitta,budhhi,ahamkara – words become confusing in use.So we have Antahkarana – a self consisting of mana,budhhi,chitta & ahamkara. They are same,yet different.The same thing when tranquil is atma & when agitated is mana.When mana flows in a reasoned way it is budhhi and when it goes aimless it is chitta. Mana determines.Budhhi rejects.This determination/rejection is done on the chitta and after that ahamkara experiences.Chitta is pure energy.Different deities preside over these projects. Anirudhha on mana,Pradyumna on bdhhi, Vasudeva on chitta and Shankarshana on ahamkar.When one knows,becomes easier to control.Chitta is the only thing between man & God




An India – Pakistan cricket match ?

An India-Pakistan cricket match ? Consider the following.
The state of Pakistan was born out of hatred for India, sustained by the hatred for India and existing with the only hope that India will ultimately be fragmented. In the sityfive years of unneighbourly coexistence, the major medium of exchange has been,”Goli & Gaali”.
We became independent on 15th August,1947 and barely a month later,Nehru was writing to Sardar Patel – I understand that the Pakistani strategy is to infiltrate in to Kashmir and to take some big action.The attack came immediately afterwards.On 25th of October,the defence committee of the cabinet was deliberating on measures to deal with the Pakistani attack. War came to an end after a UN brokered ceasefire. The line of control thus created has never remained silent or peaceful all these years and remains the most live boundary in the world.We are still suffering the consequences of that war.
This war was followed by three more wars in 1965,1971,1999 and three near wars in 1955,1987 and 1990.Pakistan became rigid after defeat in 1971 and felt that any means was justified to avenge the loss of territory.Officer cadets graduating from the Pakistan Military Academy take two oaths – To uphold the ideology of Pakistan and to avenge the defeat in 1971. It became bolder and international environment combined with our foolishness, allowed it to start a jehad in Kashmir.For quarter of a century, Pakistan has kept the cauldron boiling there and has forced a third of the Indian army to be permanently on security alert. With frequent bomb blasts,it continues with its policy of death by a thousand cuts and releases the jehadi serpents on Indian soil.More than a lakh of security personnel and civillians have lost their lives.Every single bomb blast in India has the needle pointing towards Pakistan.The blowback effect has destabilized the Pakistani civil soceity, but it continues.The deeper the faultlines in Pakistan,the more enemical becomes the Pakistani attitude.
Still you will say not to mix politics with sport and play?

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