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Marshal Panda

‘Women are meant to be more closely bound to the world than are men.Only women can give birth. What is birth? It is the process of taking a spirit and enmeshing it in physical existence. A woman’s job is to cloth spirit in matter.’

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Mana Tohara Nija Guru

Shri Krishna stole the clothes of the bathing Gopis and made them approach Him naked.He removed the artificial coverings which are imposed on man in the samsara.The Gopis were eight as are the bonds and the errors, by which the jiva is mislead ,are the clothes Krishna stole.

Pay Back

Pay Back.


To keep the Kundalini awakened is Gomedh Yagyan. To keep her awakened at Nabhi is Ashwamedh Yagyana.The same at Hridaya is called Swena-Bajapeya Yagyana.At sahasrara it is Soma Yagyana

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Facebook.Governance is the first causality in a coalition govt.Law & order follows. Should we not change to a presidential form ?Down the ages,only rulers with a dictatorial streak have been successful in India.

To the memories of the young swords of India on this independence day.JAI HIND

Mana Tohar Nija Guru…

Mana creates ‘future’.It needs future,because wishes (kamana,vasana) can only exist and spread in the ‘future’.They can not exist in the ‘present’.If one fully exists in present,there is no vasana left. 

Mana Tohara Nija Guru

Mana Tohara Nija Guru.

Mana Tohara Nija Guru

When the senses are outward oriented,the Mana touches the sense organs.But when senses are inward oriented,they touch the Mana.As a result,Shakti develops.Mana rises in the form of Shakti and touches the Atma. Now Gyana develops.

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